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BGMI Ban in India : BGMI Battle Royale mobile Removed From Google & Apple Store

BGMI is Ban In India

BGMI BAN In India: It seems like Indian Govt has ban BGMI Mobile battle Royal game. The Battleground’s Mobile India (BGMI) has been removed from both google and apple play stores. However, game servers are still working and people who has BGMI game already , they are still playing till now.

Battlegrounds’ mobile India (BGMI) a battle Royal mobile game has been launched by Krafton Inc., when Indian government has banned the PUBG mobile game in India. But now looks like again GOI has banned the BGMI mobile game.

Earlier GOI has Banned 50 plus mobile applications like Shareit, PUBG mobile etc., due to user data privacy concern. The Krafton Inc. company owns the PUBG mobile and BGMI battle Royal game. Due to Tencent which is Chinese company, partner of Krafton India banned the PUBG mobile game.

BGMI is Ban In India
BGMI is Ban In India

BGMI India Ban: What will be BGMI e sports Player’s Future?

e Sports is a growing industry currently in India. For e sports players and Indian mobile gaming community, BGMI ban is a big setback. However to avoid ban like situations mobile gaming companies need to follow the guidelines provided by the GOI.

Nowadays, people are taking gaming as career option like as content creator or as e sports player. Popular games like BGMI Mobile battle Royal game, Valorant PC game which has huge following in India. People love to watch their favorite content creators or e sports player on various streaming platforms like YouTube, Loco, Facebook gaming, Twitch.

Content creators who has good numbers of subscriber or followers on different streaming platforms are making lot of money by publishing gaming video content.

Due to BGMI Ban all the content creators and e sports players will need to move to the other games which will impact them.

BGMI is Removed from Google & Apple Play store

When you will search the Battlegrounds Mobile India game on google play store and apple app store then you will not find the game. Both the platforms has removed the BGMI, so New Players who want to play the game can not download the game till its banned. However, android users still can download BGMI mobile game APK from the third Party platform, which is not recommended.


Q. Why did BGMI get removed from play store?

It seems like due to user data privacy concerns, the GOI has banned the BGMI in India. So Krafton has removed BGMI from Google and Apple Play Store.

Q. Is BGMI banned in India?

Yes currently the Krafton Inc. has removed BGMI From Google and Apple Stores. Looks like GOI has Banned the game. For Future Update you can visit us.

Q. Is PUBG and BGMI are same mobile game?

No, BGMI has different specification when it comes to the user data control & User privacy. However, both the game are similar and owned by Krafton Inc.

Q. What is The Reason Of BGMI Ban?

However, things are not crystal clear but seems like the GOI has banned the game due to user data Privacy Concern.

Q. Can I download and play BGMI Now?

Looks like BGMI is Banned in India, so you can not download the game from google play store & Apple App store.

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